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    Project Plan 365

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    ▹ 19.21.947 Project Plan 365

    Project Plan 365 is an intuitive solution for project planning and project collaboration perfect for individual Project Managers and/or small teams working in fast-paced collaborative environments which may be across disparate geographic locations. Project Plan 365 is a MAC companion for MS Project- you may think about our app as an extension of MS Project for the Mac platform. Project Plan 365 provides support for all MS Project standard views like Gant Chart, Task Sheet, Network Diagram, Project Calendar, Task Usage, Resource Usage, Team Planner, etc. Project Plan 365 provides critical path info and all standard project reports, filters, time scale and other like MS Project sophisticated features. You can open and view MPP files from any cloud storage location like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and SharePoint Online or from your local device. Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases. Full pricing information can be found here.

    Featured OS X Project-Plan-365-ver-19.8.929-vQg2F.zip {23994 kbytes}
    Recomended! version faVK.18.7.Project.Plan.365.dmg {24822 kbytes}
    10.11.4 PCQGJ-ver.-17.39-Project-Plan-365.pkg {24615 kbytes}
    10.12.4 9Uue_Project_Plan_365_version_18.25.app {21098 kbytes}
    Recomended for 10.12 mbongb_project_plan_365_18.19.tar.gz {21926 kbytes}


    New on MacBook Air Z2LkB-7.0-DAW-AutoSave.tar.gz | 2027 kbytes | 5.2
    Updated version QBAan.Topaz.photoFXlab.ver..1.3.7.dmg | 67837 kbytes | 1.2.9
    Featured 10.13 yFqQ.Sharpener.Pro.3.4.21.dmg | 57303 kbytes | 5.1.21

    [21719 KB] PROJECT PLAN 365 V 17.27 TOUV 17.36 Best to 10.14.3

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